This delicious Italian Fig and Mozzarella Salad features caramelized fresh figs and buffalo mozzarella, and is awesomely vegetarian and gluten-free. A vibrant sweet & salty combo guaranteed to make your taste buds rejoice!

Incredibly easy to make, this fig and mozzarella salad is definitely one of my favorite summer dish. Every year when the fig season starts, this is the first thing I make and puts me instantly in summer mood.

Here are a few good reasons to fall in love with this vibrant fig and mozzarella salad:

Only 5 ingredients required
Ready in 10 minutes
Tender, juicy and deliciously sweet figs are the star of this salad. So, make sure you choose high quality organic figs, preferably when they’re in season.

Italian figs – available from June to August and Greek figs – from September to November work best as they are the most sweet varieties, but any other variety will do, as long as they’re in season and slightly ripe. You can use either green or black figs, they’re both delicious.

I personally love grilling the figs when making this fig and mozzarella salad. Caramelizing the figs will make their sweet flavor explode in all its goodness. Or you can simply cut them in half and serve them raw.

But if you’ve got that extra 5 minutes, drizzle the halved figs with honey and quickly caramelize them in a hot grilling pan over medium heat.

Once you get the figs the way you want them, it all comes down to the mozzarella. Don’t choose just any mozzarella, go for fresh organic buffalo mozzarella if you can.

The milky, tender and incredibly tasty flavor of this particular cheese perfectly marries the figs unique sweetness, and it will turn this simple dish into a sophisticated flavor-packed salad for any occasion.

To finish off this incredible fig and mozzarella salad, drizzle all over a simple vinaigrette made with Italian fruity extra-virgin olive oil and high-quality balsamic vinegar. I recommend you choose these two dressings with great care, it will pay off not only in this salad, but in any other Italian recipe.

I love this salad as simple as it is, served as a refreshing starter or a light meal. But a couple of sweet Parma ham slices, an extra bunch of arugula and some toasted rustic bread, will make it well-balanced dinner too.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, nutritious summer salad that requires little if none efforts, and is ready in no time, this figs and mozzarella salad is here to help. It’s totally vegetarian, gluten-free and takes just 10 minutes to make – perfect for a quick weekday lunch or to impress guests at your next summer party!

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