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Easy Vegan Matcha Latte (3-Ingredients + Date-Sweetened)

Learn how to master the art of the matcha latte at home! This recipe is easy, vegan, requires just 3-ingredients and will be ready in about 5 minutes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this has been my favorite beverage for the last few months. I gave up coffee in order to help manage my anxiety and in turn, discovered my newfound love for matcha.

Coffee used to make me jittery and anxious, but I didn’t realize for the longest time. When I began working to decrease my anxiety, giving up coffee seemed to be on the top of every list of recommendations for improvement. I gave it up just to see what would happen, but in the back of my mind, I doubted that if affected my anxiety and I assumed I would be back on it a week or two after. Well to my surprise, I felt SO MUCH better without it and it was pretty easy to give up.

I decided to try matcha instead to see how it would make me feel because a warm beverage in the morning is my thannng. Yes, matcha has caffeine, but your body reacts much differently to it than that in coffee.

Along with caffeine, matcha also contains the amino acid L-Theanine. This is an important component because it works with caffeine to produce a sustained and focused energy. L-Theanine slows the release of caffeine and instead of a jittery rush of energy, it has a calming and relaxing effect. Matcha is also known to reduce anxiety and enhance your mood, how cool is that!

Matcha is jam-packed with antioxidants and is immune boosting as well. Also, unlike traditional green tea that is steeped in water, matcha powder includes the entire ground (Camellia sinensis) leaf which means it provides all of the plant’s nutritional benefits.

All in all, matcha a much better option than coffee and I highly recommend you try it out if you have not already 🙂

This recipe requires just three simple ingredients: matcha (of course), plant-based milk like our homemade almond milk, and dates to sweeten things up. That’s it!

The dates are definitely a must because matcha on its own is a bit bitter, so it helps balance the flavors out nicely. If you prefer a different sweetener, go for it! A liquid sweetened would go well in this too, just add a little at a time to figure out what tastes best.

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