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Easy Nut-Free Vegan Pesto

A simple and flavorful nut-free vegan pesto made with love and just a handful of ingredients. It’s ready in just minutes and can be used to bring your dishes to the next level.

Who doesn’t love pesto, right? We can slather it on any dish and be well on our way to flavor town.

It’s also fun that you can make pesto from a variety of different nuts and seeds. The most traditional way of making pesto is with pine nuts, but we’ve found that they are often costly. Instead, we like to use either sunflower seeds or almonds because they’re a bit more affordable (especially sunflower seeds).

For this recipe, we chose to use sunflower seeds because we really enjoy the flavor and consistency they provide. We also always had a bunch of sunflower seeds on hand from after we made our nut-free mac and cheese, so it worked out perfectly.

This vegan pesto is the perfect addition to so many dishes. It’s great on everything from pizza to pasta to sandwiches, and beyond. We actually recently made a vegan chicken pesto pizza with it, and it was so dang good.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy pesto? Let us know in the comments below.

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