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6 Reasons Why Belly Fat Is Stubborn!

Struggling hard enough to tone your body but still can’t button your skinny jeans because the belly fat just won’t go? Everyone’s problem that’s hard to face! In the domain of weight reduction, nothing might be more slippery, or more wanted than a level stomach (particularly with well-defined abs). …

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5 Top Exercises For The Buttocks

Who doesn’t like a toned buttock? We all do. Doesn’t matter if you are one of those who Pakistanis who look like malnourished sloths on whom you actually need to make sure that a bottom exists, or you’re one of those well-fed desi people that carry almost all of …

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5 Exercises In Bed That Can Tone Your Arms

Don’t you just hate getting out of bed on a weekend and that too, for an hour’s worth session of sweat and sore muscles? Congratulations, you are one of the 90% of us Pakistanis who are determined to stay fit, yet absolutely fail to make an effort to make …

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Try These Tea Time Snacks If You Are On A Diet

Even though tea is something we Pakistanis are super duper obsessed with, no matter what time of the day it is. But whenever you hear someone say shaam ki chaye, our brain can’t resist the urge to meander around pakoray, kachoriyan, aloo bharay samosay and of course, jalebiyan. Regardless …

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